Monthly Archives: March 2010

Those dishes are fine
They’re not going nowhere
So keep your hands soft
For high-fives and shakes

The song “Bread” by Clem Snide is one of my favourites and as soon as I met Joost and Kirsty, the song started playing in my head. Kirsty works from home as a graphic designer  and I know all about working with your children around your feet all day. It’s very rewarding, but also…hard at times. The song just seemed fitting somehow.

They live in Berry in NSW where Joost is the local baker. He specialises in organic sourdough and takes his craft very seriously; a man after my own heart. For the wedding, Kirsty designed everything from invites to the decorations and Joost made the special “love bread” that guests got to take home at the end of the night. The ceremony was held under an old cedar tree and the reception took place in what used to be a strawberry field on the family property and because of that, Kirsty wore a hair piece with strawberries and wild flowers.

It was just one of those days. I found myself walking around smiling, feeling part of something epic and at the same time so simple.

Because you smell like bread
And now the pillow does too
Has everyone left?
Were they even here?

If you want to watch the slideshow and listen to the song I heard in my head, click here.

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