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I know I’m breaking some sort of rule here, because when you find a place as special as Harbour Island, Bahamas, you’re not supposed to share it with others, you want to keep it to yourself. But Harbour Island did something to me. It’s not all that easy to get there. You have to fly a propeller plane from Miami to Eleuthera, Bahamas, then jump in a cab to the harbour and then travel the last bit by taxi boat.

As soon as I set foot on Harbour Island, Waverly came up and hugged me.

We had only talked once on the phone, and then just in a conference call with several others, so I didn’t know her and David at all. But as soon as we arrived, all that changed. Waverly and David made sure we were part of their family and friends, invited us to their dinner parties and treated us like guests. Maybe it’s a Texan thing, Waverly and David live in Dallas. I don’t think I’ve heard people say “y’all” that much in my entire life.

“Y’all are family now”.

“Y’all call us when you’re in Dallas. Don’t you dare not to”.

“Y’all having a good time? Let us know if you need anything”.

Add the perfect planning by Stefanie from Yifat Oren & Associates and the absolute bliss of Harbour Island to that and our five days there was some of the most fantastic in my career, if not my life.

Good times with beautiful, sweet, sweet people.

Be still my heart.

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For the camera nerds. This wedding was shot on both digital and medium format film. The film was scanned and developed to perfection by Richard’s Photo Lab in Los Angeles.

Today’s wedding is also featured on Once Wed. Head over there for more details (here and here)

Planner: Stefanie Cove from Yifat Oren & Associates

Friday: Catering by Little Island Design
Saturday: St. John’s Anglican Church, Reverend Russell and Rev. Paul Rasmussen of Highland Park United Methodist Church – Dallas, Texas
Saturday: Hair and Make up: Karen Catalyn of the Island Spa
Saturday: Cocktail Musicians: Rocky and Ersly
DJ: Daddy D (Devon Sawyer)
Saturday: Florals – Little Island Design


Welcome Reception – The Dunmore
Brunch – The Landing
Wedding Reception – Pink Sands
Church – St. John’s Anglican Church
Bridal Breakfast – Ocean View Club


I don’t write as much as I used to. I really don’t know why. In one way I want my images to live their own life and I don’t want my words to distract too much. On the other hand I love writing. About stuff.


And everything.

My images reflect who I am and the same thing goes for my words.

So I’ve decided I’m going to do more of it. I actually decided at the beginning of the year and where are we now? Late March. Man, so much for that promise.

We’re in the middle of autumn here in Brisbane and that time of year is different from the falls of my childhood in Sweden, that much is clear. Yesterday it was around 28C (that’s low 80’s for you Americanos) and the days are a lot less humid than during the summer.

I’ve been shooting locally all of March which is a nice change of pace. I travel a lot and less than a third of my weddings are local, the rest interstate and international. I love leaving town to shoot, it fires me up and keeps me on my toes. But the opposite can also be said in favour of staying home. I relax more and can take a step back and look at things in perspective.

I’m happy you like Mikey and Fel’s wedding. To me it captures what I want with all my weddings; no matter if it’s a grand affair or a backyard wedding, I want to focus of the story of the day and the bond between two people, their friends and families. It sounds easy enough to do, but it’s a lot more difficult than it looks. To do what I’m (hopefully) good at, I need my couples to let me in, give me access, otherwise my coverage of their wedding day will only be a manicured version of what really went on and that’s not what I do.

Mikey and Felicity are close friends of mine, so that of course made things a little easier, but at the same time more difficult. It’s harder to be a shadow and observe when you know everyone there.

Next week I’m posting a wedding I shot in the Bahamas last month and on the surface it looks completely different than Mikey and Felicity’s, but the truth is they’re very similar. David and Waverly let me and Jacqui into their group of friends, included us in a way I don’t get to experience too often. Our five days on Harbour Island were fantastic because of that, because of them, and I’m very proud of this wedding too. It’s not Mikey and Felicity, it’s David and Waverly and I hope that comes through in their photos.

Writing this, I realise I want to do this more.

Ramble a bit.

Share what’s going on under the surface.

Let you in.

Because if you know me, I’ll do a better job if I ever get to shoot you, it’s a matter of give and take.

I also thought I’d take the opportunity to share something that inspires me, may it be a song, a video or something else. This week it’s a short movie by Ben Briand, a young Australian film maker. Make sure you click HD and watch it full-screen. It’s called APRICOT. I think it’s fantastic.

Until next time.


APRICOT — A Short Film by Ben Briand from Moonwalk Films on Vimeo.

I wanted to write something longwinded about this wedding, because this is me, this is what I do, these are my friends and the images mean a lot to me. But maybe I don’t need to explain too much. Mikey and Felicity got married at the back of their house with family, kids, friends and dogs around them. The portraits are taken just outside their house.

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