Monthly Archives: May 2011

I started my personal blog in 2005. I had lived in Australia for about a year and was living a life very different from my old life back in Sweden. Although I had been a copywriter in advertising for years, I had actually never written anything personal, nothing for the joy of writing, no sharing of my thoughts, nothing. When it came to writing I was a hired gun, no more no less.

My life in advertising in Sydney and Melbourne was pretty crazy. We partied and worked hard and I felt I needed to document it somehow.

So I started a blog.

In Swedish.

I wrote notes about things, rambled on about what I did, my friends, memories from the past and hopes for the future. I wasn’t using my real name, for some reason it was easier to be open and personal under an alias. It didn’t take too long before people started finding my blog and over the weeks and months that summer in 2005, I built up some kind of audience. I have always loved the stage and here I had found the perfect forum. People coming to listen to my ramblings and actually enjoying the experience. So I blogged. And blogged. And blogged.

As the audience grow, there was interest from newspaper and magazines, I started writing weekly columns for a couple of magazines and eventually the blog was bought up and I was suddenly paid to blog.

In 2006 my personal blog won the title of the most popular blog in Sweden. One could argue the accuracy of that, but it was evident I had some hardcore fans who voted for me, so there you have it.

I kept blogging, but I felt I was slowly running out of things to say. Maybe because my life was changing. Noah was born and taking up more of my time, spending as much with him as I could was more important than entertaining people who wanted me to write more and more, not less and less.

When I started my photography business and set up this site, I knew I wanted it to be a blog. After years of blogging I understood the benefits of the format, both for business reasons, but also when it came to showing who you are.

I want you to know who I am, I truly do.

I must say I struggled at first, or I still do actually. Balancing personal content with my wedding photos proved very difficult. I didn’t want to scare away people. When you land on a wedding photographer’s website, you want to see wedding photos.




In your face!

So I’ve kept the writing to a minimum (for me). A few of my random thoughts have made it to the blog, but not nearly as much as I would have liked.

But I’ve finally made my mind up. It’s time for a change. I’m heavily booked up as it is, if I miss out on bookings because I don’t have a wedding image on the top of my blog every day all year round, I’m ok with that. This blog is now getting around 180,000-200,000 hits per month, so I’m willing to risk it.

So, welcome to a new beginning, this is now my personal/wedding/photography blog. I am a wedding photographer/father/partner/writer/music lover/amateur chef/traveler among other things and it’s time this blog reflected that. I also want to share things ABOUT wedding photography, not just post photos all the time.

If this is commercial suicide, well then you’ll be on front row as it all happens.