Monthly Archives: August 2011

It’s strange.

I’ve sat down a number of times the last couple of weeks to write something about my last three months. But every time I have erased the post before publishing it. I don’t know why really. The whole experience has had a profound impact on me and now that spring is here in Australia and the wedding season is taking off again, I bring that with me.

I just can’t put my finger on what exactly happened and what it is that I’m taking with me.

It was more than a trip, more than a chain of cities and places, more than the people I met. It has lifted me and I’m still trying to find a way to articulate what it was all about. As I publish some of the work from these three months, I’m sure things will become clearer, even for me. Sometimes I actually have to sit down and gather my thoughts and I find that writing about it always helps me. Writing has always given me a strange focus, words pour out on the paper and when I’m done, I’m almost always surprised. Both writing and photography work the same way for me, it’s a very subconscious craft. I don’t think much (read: at all) when I write or take photos. I just…write or…shoot. More often than not I’m surprised with the outcome. The results are always more focused and succinct than I am.

I said I’d write more, so I am. Damnit, I am.

I’ve started working on some personal projects, I’m shooting more editorial work and I’m sitting down to evaluate the three workshops/seminars I did this summer in Europe and the US.

There’s stuff happening.

Plans are being drawn up in the basement of my brain.

I’ll tell you more about it soon.

There’s too much to say about this wedding. About Rachel and Jeff. About…everything. How they contacted me. How I knew I had to shoot their wedding. No matter what. I’m having dinner at a bar at LAX with drunk travelers around me while I’m trying to pick a frame from the other day. And it’s more or less impossible. One frame feels inadequate, but sometimes less is more.