2013 – a year in transition

It’s been a year in transition, both mentally and physically. I’ve lost and I have found and I’ve realised this journey I’m on is far from over. I’m still learning about who I am. I’ve met so many people and been to so many places, I feel it would be weird to point anyone or anywhere out. This selection of images is in no way a best of, it’s merely some notes along the way, a reflection of where I’ve been, but also in many ways of where i’m going. In a few days I’ll be posting one of my favourite weddings from 2013, so make sure you check it out. I love what I do. More than you can ever understand.

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Beautiful work Jonas. May you continue to find inspiration so that we may seek it from you :-)

I love your pictures. You’ve really got a talent, it’s inspired me to go away and study a hell of a lot harder. I will be coming back for inspiration I think.

Simply exceptional work. Subtle, thoughtful and intelligent.Well done Jonas.

A truly astounding collection of images. Congratulations!

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