the blue house on the water

I tell people we live in the blue house on the water[front].

“Ah, that one”, they say and smile.

If people have seen it, they remember it.

It’s blue.

With a lot of character.




Hus med karaktär är oftast vackra hus, verkar av glimtarna att just erat är ett sådant. Så härlig blå färg! / Ha en bra dag! / Karin

Det ser ut att vara huuur fint som helst!

And you want to find something new?!

Looks absolutely gorgeous. :-)

i LOVE all of the character! from what i can see it looks like a dream…

So YOU live in the blue house!! We live in Deagon and spend most weekends down on the waterfront with the kids. We love the blue house!

i’ve been a fan for a a while jonas – you’ve got an amazing eye for shooting but then for processing and presentation as well. bravo!