Oh, California.

Road trips. There’s something magical about seeing a country out the window of a car. Take in the landscape, smell the air change from salty ocean to pine forests. Listen to good music. Stop for food somewhere and then keep driving. Often without a goal.

This is the California I saw during a few warm weeks last fall.

Rest in peace, Leonard Knight.

Shot with an Ikoflex on Fuji 400H.


Lovely…nice to be able to recognize some of these spots too!

Love these. I’m headed to SF next week, California’s such a good place to recharge and search one’s soul.

Awesome. I know that little kitty in the window. I pass by that bookstore often. :)

These photos make me very excited….road tripping the US for my 30th next year with John – I will definitely be seeking out some secret spots from your travels! Lake Sardine is already on the list :)

I love every single one of these! Love what film does to things :)

Hello lovely photographer. I just wanted to say that ur style is amazing..keep up the good work. Loving what you do, is everything that matters. Greetings from Estonia (:

Love these. Especially the shot of the tree stump/drift wood on the water. Stunning.

i love these! i love film..

Ive been back a couple times now to see the grocery carts again. Maybe they’re supposed to look abandoned, but to me, they look cheeky. So William Carlos Williams-ishly self-important somehow. Love it. :)

A good testament that we all need to do more personal work!