Ha ha fantastic as always Jonas.

Look like it’s out of a fairytale book! Beautiful!

holy crap that’s awesome!!

that is beyond adorable

Cutest pic ever! Beautiful

Wow! Love it!

At the bridal registry there was a terrible mix up. Claire and Nick had asked for a large cheese board.

LOVE! Feels dream like

Absolutely magical! Love it!

What a great frame! I would love to play with that set.

i’m excited to see more of this one.

conceptual …. luv it!!

Alice in Wonderland-ish. Cool.

Wow! Totally awesome shot. :)

Compliments on this one. Can’t tell if its real film of processed. Of course, it doesn’t matter which. It’s just a beautiful image.

Sweet! Nice place for a photoshoot. Love to see more.

Wow, vad underbart att se något så otippat som ett schackbräde i en bröllopsfotografering. Helt underbart!

Åh, Jonas… Jag RYSER!!!

Simply stunning…..

Ursäkta kraftuttrycket, men den här var jädrans cool!

i’m diggin the ttvf and scratches. great shot.

What a cool setting!

Grymt sa grisen.
Snuskigt bra sa ja.

Checkmate! Sorry, someone had to say it. Nice shot.

This photo is utterly amazing, Jonas. It is made even more beautiful by the fact that it contains two people that I love. I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

This is cool. Love the vintagey effect…

Such an amazing photo! reminds me of a fairytale Alice in Wonderland wedding!

ska bli kul att läsa berättelserna från det här bröllopet. och se mer bilder :)
jag personligen är ingen klännings-tjej.. men jag gillade verkligen de där lagren i underdelen av hennes bröllopsklänning. och att den var så enkel men ändå så fin. det hade varit perfekt om hon stod barfota! men det hade kanske inte passat jättebra med resten av bilden

Men usch va fint! Har gått förbi shackbrädet i Kungsan ett antal gånger o verkligen velat ta en liknande bild…Synd att du hann först bara… Underbart Jonas, du är en inspiration.

the round light bubbles, the chess, the couple – WOW composition. I am impressed and inspired so much of your work Jonas.

Helt fantastiskt snyggt och häftigt!

Hi Jonas, I have only just come accross your site, you have some brilliant photographs and are clearly a talented photographer. I have book marked you so I can come back again.

Such a cool looking wedding Jonas, very well captured as usual! :)

Nice work Jonas, good contempoary reportage feel, proper story telling.