DVLOP Presets

Together with DVLOP I have made a set of raw presets that work with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw (PS).

You can buy them here.

These presets are like memories, the feeling of a place more than what it actually looks like. They may not always depict a place accurately, but that’s the beauty of living, we get to remember or imagine them through the filter of our heart. These presets are what the world looks like when I close my eyes.

On this page I have included some before and afters so that you can see what the different presets do. For me it was very, very important to create presets that work without having to tweak them. If I wanted to do that I wouldn’t buy presets to begin with. These presets will give your images a look immediately.

My goto preset works great on most images, it has vibrant cool tones and greens with earthy highlights and shadows. It gives images a distinct look without distracting from the overall emotion. (Buy here)

Similar to Skogafoss, but with a slightly more dynamic tone curve and a warmer feeling overall. It gives images a silky smooth overall color that enhances everything necessary. (Buy here)

With it’s brightened white point and warmer color skin tones this preset works great for brighter images or direct sun. Works great when the other presets pull to far in other directions. (Buy here)

Takes any image from being a photograph to a painting, a look I’ve always strived towards. With a muted tone curve, high dynamic range and cool earth tones this preset makes the right image go from ummyes to ermahgerd. (Buy here)

A decidedly classic black and white preset, but with muted highlights and a slightly raised black point to give enough shadow detail to make even the smallest children gasp. (Buy here)

(Buy the presets here)