Anthony and Stephanie

I was sitting at my favourite cafe in Byron Bay waiting for Anthony. His fiancée Stephanie had contacted me about shooting their wedding and asked if I had time to meet with Anthony since he was in town. I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest. Anthony is a professional rugby player, so when he showed up I was surprised by his…kindness. His eyes were inquisitive and gentle. We talked for what felt like hours and when we went our different ways it felt like I had met a new great friend. 



Man, this is perfection.

You got my attention. I’m ready to see more! ;) I love your approach!

Just gorgeous as always.

Så vackert!

You are really superb, very creative.

Beautiful , elegant and so loving photographed and put together ??

Matteo Crescentini

Definitely Awesome!

Shaun - Wedding Video and Photography

Absolutely stunning!! :)

Beautiful work and unique style, love the dark images!


Stunning pictures! I love your work! X

Absolutely gorgeous wedding photography

I just love the consistency of “feeling” in these. You either captures or created a fantastic atmosphere!

Vietnam Wedding Photographer

sets of photos are great.

Stunning work Jonas!

Some stunning images in here, love the editing too, so moody. Great work, keep it up and keep inspiring! :)