I’m in Melbourne and in many ways I wonder why I ever left. It’s the city I first moved to in Australia; the place where I stopped believing in love and the place where I found it again. I’ve had some of my highest highs and my lowest lows here. Walking down the alleys with their sickly sweet smell of garbage and old buildings awakens something in me. I know I should write more about the things I’ve been through and I will, but now I just need to get through all the work I have to do.

I shot a beautiful wedding in Daylesford the other day and I have a lot of shots I want to share. I don’t know why this one stood out so much. I have other ones where Sharon looks at me and also where she looks at Duncan, but for some reason I really like this one.


Stunning, as always. I love that you work with grain instead of treating is like a fault. Beautiful!

Very nice! Can’t wait to see more :)

Its an amazingly honest photo. Thats why i like it.

I like this one too. Beautiful.

And is that a vintage dress? She looks stunning in it, either way.

Just gorgeous.

Nice JP! Love your homage to Melbourne, and the clean b/w treatment of this image!

I like this one too. Your black and whites are heavenly. Man.

Jonas, drop by the VPPY awards if you have time. Karen would be there and would love to meet you. State library till 5pm today.

i adore this shot.

Yeah, I see what you are saying… beautiful shot for sure, but not exactly what you would expect. Funny how the work resembles the personality of the photographer; “not quite what you would expect”. Awesome work as always brotha!

Very different. Very good. I love how calm it is, yet nowhere near boring. Great work!

love his expression and her dress. beautiful.

An awesome photographer!! beautiful pics Peterson!

What a beautiful moment. I love this shot!

The pose in which they are standing is cool. The expressions of bride is too good. Nice moment.