Lago Di Como


aaaahhhhhhh sigh!!!! love them all, especially the 3rd image from the bottom.

I like the 3rd image from the bottom too. It’s almost like a ‘toy’ effect!

i feel like im on holidays just looking at these. beautiful images jonas

Awesome first frame, well actually they are all awesome.

the first one is so breathtaking…

your photography inspires and stirs emotion in my heart.

Love the light in these. So beautiful.

Oh my.. love this. I feel I could frame every one and hang on my wall. Very very very nice! Tack

Beautifull place, excelent images, lovely postprocess

Soooo gorgeous! You’ve captured the beautiful serenity of the lake perfectly. :)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.
You are a beast.
The furry, grumbling, snuffling kind, that eats all of the nice food in the fridge and steals all of the blankies.
No relevance to life in this comment, but enjoyed writing it anyway.
Yeah I’m full diggin’ ya pics aye! FULL ON BRAAAZ!


Well that was weird, why did it post twice and a dodgey one come up? Apologies for the many 20% signs amongst the words which were already posted above. No comprehende.

Love Italy! Nothing is ugly there!

Älskar, älskar, älskar de hisnande, nästan kulissartade skiftningarna i den första bilden. Att njuta av och försvinna in i, och upptäcka nytt med, helt enkelt underbar.

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the third image from the bottom make tears come to my eyes… so beautiful. Do you mind telling me what lens you used? (I know the lens doesn’t make the photo, you do, but good equipment is nice.)

Dina bilder är alltid lika vackra!

Love them!! Love them!!I have a request. Is there anyway I can get the the third image from the bottom in 1680×1050 for my desktop background? thx

hey jonas, this is hugh. forte. we haven’t talked in a while, but i’m just here to remind you that i like the pictures you make. like a lot. k, hugs.

WOW. Jonas the colours and the view of the mountains were captured so well. A little slice of northern Italian architecture and life fits the post very well. Outstanding as always :)

Bella Italia! I wish I could be there but you already gave me for some minutes the feeling to be in Italia! Thanks!

the ordinary into extraordinary ! your rock

Amazing captures. Love your work!!

Amazing photos. i liked it so much. i must say that nice photo shoot.

Fantastiska bilder – gillar speciellt bilden av gläntan med det fina ljuset och paret. Naturbilderna med tallar, med Lago di Como jämte de två sista bergsbilderna är inte dåliga!

love all these landscape shots!

Beautiful processing, really suits these ‘old world’ images.

the reddy-orange from the mountain in the last picture is beautiful ; almost imagine it could be a volcanic activity