Let the light shine in

I woke up with the sun, stayed in bed and listened to the birds for a while, the world outside me slowly coming to life. I got up, put a t-shirt on and walked outside, the lawn still wet with dew. I opened the doors to my new studio, turned the coffee machine on and soon the smell of dark, rich coffee filled the room.

I was interviewed over Skype yesterday and I know I must have come off as someone who has smelled the laughing gas for too long.

I am happy.

More so than ever before in my life.

Today I’m driving to Byron Bay two hours away for a wedding there tomorrow. I’m shooting seven in October and yet I feel no stress, no pain or fatigue. Every wedding makes me stronger, every couple happier. I have them to thank for the man I’ve become.

Now I can hear Noah and Joel waking up in the house. Time to feed them and watch some Sesame Street.

Word On The Street – Happiness.


Love this song. It’s always cool when people pass music they love on to others :)

Love getting up before everyone else and enjoying that special “silent” start to the day.

dude…i’m happy for you. i don’t know you but you come off as someone who walks the talk as they say. admirable.

i hope to get to the point of doing what i love full-time as well someday.

beware, though – don’t let the soup nazi get the best of you. ;)


Felicity enjoys reading of your felicitous life.

Hugs my favourite Jonas. So good to hear :)

Can’t sleep. Visiting your site is always rewarding, this time you have a nice song. The night feels fresh, but autumn is reluctant to arrived. Enjoy the wedding, the couple, your kids, the coffee and your happiness. Greetings from Barcelona midnight.

feels like we’re living in parallel universes my friend :-).

Man, it makes me happy to hear you’re so happy. We’ve never met, we probably never will, but you inspire me. Your photos and your writing. Not for their technical brilliance, even though they have plenty of it, but just for the pure, raw, unashamed happiness that pours out of them both – and evidently rubs off on you. We share a beautiful time and a beautiful country, Jonas, and for that I feel happy too.

I know what you mean about getting stronger after every shoot. I’m just starting out and I always am struck with a fear even before I begin. I hope to grow like you are. thank you for inspiring.

there is that sense of the mundane evoking peace. a simple noise. a familiar smell. just noticing the light peering through. all the things that give me a slight twinge in my stomach. life can be so difficult and yet so beautiful and it takes the growth and the volatility to realize it. as michelle said, “it’s cool when people pass music they love on to other”. thank you for sharing.

Glad to hear it my friend :).

Låter helt underbart!

Your happiness -today- is our happiness.

Just stood amazed with your words. And felt your happiness. Wishing to tell you just how you reach me with the words and your work, so honest. All the best to you, your family and your work. And all the happiness!

Bolibompa rules but you guys never get to see it :-)

Look forward to being like that one day.

Thank you for loving what you do so much – and for sharing that love with us! It’s refreshing to know that work can be so fulfilling.

I love this Jonas! Glad to see you feeling some peace. And congrats on the studio space, I’m sure it will be a game changer in terms of life/work balance.

you couldn’t even take 1 pic of your coffee machine or new office or something? I need pictures, ok?
Thanks :-)

word. feeling the same way. right down to the 2 boys and Sesame Street.

So Jonas, i just recently fell in love with your work and your words as i have happily scrolled through your ALL of your posts. For a few days now i have just kept popping on here to make sure I havn’t missed anything and THEN I played the track that went with MITRA & FABIO ~ ROME, ITALY and Suprise Suprise it is my all-time Favourite artist Emma Louise. So as an outcome when i get married it’s obvious to me that you are the man i will be contacting. (I am also a wedding photographer so it’s something I am constantly on the look out for). I can feel the warmth and love through your images and want to thank you for inspiring me and everyone else with every single shutter.

Fabulous post Jonas. Glad to hear you’re happy. You deserve it.

awesome. Enjoy the moments. As you are.

nice work/life balance JP. This is what we all strive for. Enjoy!

That’s a bit gay.
But good for you.

And so you should! :) Ditto mate, life is sweet

Errr is it wrong that I’m really quite jealous at this point, ha! Congratulations Jonas, I’ve followed your work for a long time and you deserve happiness

Beautiful words, beautiful photo’s… as always.

Thank you for sharing this moment with us!

Wonderful. Your blog and work inspires me constantly. Thank you.