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A Greater Story is a two day workshop I’ve been working on for the last year.

It’s in some ways a photography workshop, but you will walk away with more important things than settings and photoshop tricks, hopefully inspired to run a meaningful business and live the life you’ve always wanted.

But it’s time to take it further. For the first time we’re going to make it THREE days. And all inclusive. And it’s time to do it in a place very, very dear to me, the place I spent all my childhood summers – Gotland, Sweden. A place so magical you will never want to leave, I promise you.

Over the three days we will discuss a range of different subjects. I will share my story and show you how it affects everything I do. I have built a business and body of work completely based on who I am and the needs I have and I will try to push and challenge you to do the same. We will discuss how inspiration works, how to push through creative blocks and how telling a good story can change your business dramatically.

We will discuss – in detail – how storytelling impacts everything from branding to client interaction, pricing and sales. I have in a very short amount of time built a highly successful photography business, but I’ve also made mistakes and I will take you through both the good and the bad. Today I’m one of the most booked destination wedding photographers in the world and we’ll talk about that aspect of my business too, the choices I’ve made to get to where I am today.

We will go through gear, software, workflow and post processing too, don’t worry.

I will conduct a live shoot and you will be able to shoot too.

We will also talk about your role as an artist, finding your voice (you already have one, surprise, surprise), social media, how to get published and a bunch of other things. The main focus of the workshop is for you to walk away with inspiration and a newfound focus, ready to step things up in a serious way. After the three days you will hopefully walk away inspired and reassured that you have what it takes to move your business – and your life – in the direction it needs. If this doesn’t happen, I have failed (and that’s not going to happen).

For the first time we’re making this all inclusive, all meals, accommodation and transport to and from Visby airport will be included in the price. I want us all to be able to stay together as a group, live, share and have fun outside teaching hours. Often this is when you learn the most anyway. The food will be prepared by a private chef (oh-la-la!)

WHEN: Burs, Gotland, Sweden  22-24 July 2013, meet and greet July 21.

WHAT: Three day workshop (in English), meet and greet drinks the night before the workshop, all meals, accommodation and transport included. You will also receive a number of discounts from suppliers I work with as well as books and inspiration material.

PRICE: $2500 AUD

HOW: To secure a spot, send an email IN ENGLISH with the subject “GOTLAND WORKSHOP II” to mail [at] jonaspeterson.com. We will answer the emails in order and to secure your spot you will need to pay a non-refundable retainer of $1000 AUD. First come, first served. You can pay by credit card or paypal. The number of seats are limited to 20.

The year is coming to an end. I still have four weddings left to shoot and two workshops, one in Melbourne next week and one in Sydney the week after. I’m shooting weddings in both those cities before I head to New Zealand and then finish up in California December 29. I haven’t counted how many weddings I’ve shot, but I’ve had another amazing year. When I’m finished properly I will sit down and look at all the weddings I’ve shot and put a post together, mainly for myself to remember them all.

I put on some good music, lean back and go through them and it all comes back to me.

But we’re not there yet, and that’s not why I’m writing now.

2013 is not here yet, but I already know what I’m doing with my next six months. It’s both the beauty and the curse of doing what I do. My life is mapped out, at least ticket-wise. Of course nothing will turn out exactly the way I foresee it, but hey…

I’m talking a lot more next year.

This year I did workshops in Australia, NYC and Cape Town, next year I’m doing more of them and also speaking at a bunch of conferences and conventions and I thought I’d run through them quickly.

I kick off the year with guest speaking – at my own house – at this little beauty of a workshop January 8-9. I don’t need to tell you how talented I think the Parsons are, do I?

After shooting on Taprobane Island in Sri Lanka late January, I head straight to the Dominican Republic to speak at the What If Conference there February 4-7. I meant to attend last year’s conference myself, so being asked to speak there is an honour.

Ten days after that I head to Europe and this is when the real mayhem starts.

My goal is to do two workshops in London somewhere between the 17-22 February. I’m working on that content as we speak. After that I head to Malaga to speak at BodaF 25-28 February. After Spain I fly straight to Las Vegas where I’ll be co-hosting the next season of The Film Show, something I’m ridiculously excited about. And since I’m already in Vegas, why not attend WPPI while I’m there? (No, I’m not speaking)

After that I get to go home.

For a little bit.

In April, I’m speaking at the Canada Photo Convention in Vancouver (April 23-24). I’m also thinking about doing a workshop or two in North America at that time.

In June, I head over to Europe again and my plan is to do a few more workshops there in the summer months. I haven’t decided on cities yet, so if you’re interested, hit me up.

Well, that’s my start to 2013. I’m also shooting a few weddings around the place, so I’ll be pretty busy.

If I’m in your part of the world, maybe I’ll see you around?

I’m already excited about the year to come.