{tim & kesh} ~ wedding ~ sydney

When Tim contacted me a couple of weeks before Christmas I had decided not to shoot anything else in 2009. I was done. After a whirlwind of a year I was ready to spend some time stuffing my face with ham and chocolate. But there was something about Tim’s email. He was desperate. And he called me a saviour. I generally turn down weddings where I don’t get to cover the whole day, but this one was different. Sure, the reception would end at 3pm and the 8am temple ceremony was closed, but it still sounded like a great one to me. My gut feeling told me to go for it.

I flew down the day before and Tim and Kesh picked me up at the airport. We drove around for a couple of hours, talked about Swedish jeans, looked at the venue, temple and possible locations for portraits. I knew we’d have to shoot portraits around noon, which is pretty much the worst time of day to shoot anything in summer in Australia. Not only is the sun hot and unforgiving, the light is harsh and makes my job a lot more difficult. I wanted to filter my light somehow and we found some great spots down in Centennial Park, ironically just a couple of hundred meters from where I used to live in Paddington.

The wedding day was beautiful and even though it was shorter than most weddings I’ve covered, I’m very happy I trusted my gut feeling and went.

Tim and Kesh.

Thank you.

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Dress – Lorraine Bryce

Kesh’s shoes: Juicy Couture

Kesh’s Bow and Tim’s ring: Andrea Santoso

Tim’s suit – We Rob Banks

Tim’s shoes: St&ard

Reception venue – Love Supreme


The fresh wedding phots finest I’ve ever seen, love the trees – true beauty. I wish I had been there for our wedding phots in New Zealand!

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