When the guys behind The Visual Supply Co asked me to try their new product VSCO FILM, I almost didn’t want to like it. I have a love hate relationship with Lightroom, it seems to get my images half the way to where I want them, so I always have to finish them off in Photoshop. For someone who sits behind the computer as much as I do, that’s extremely frustrating.

I was literally muttering like an old man when I installed the VSCO FILM presets. I opened up a random image and clicked on one of the presets.


I opened up another one.

One click.


This can’t be true, I told myself. With one click a set of Lightroom presets gave me the look I was after, without tweaking?

I tried a black and white preset.


I get asked to endorse products all the time. I rarely – if ever – do it.

But I can honestly say that I love these Lightroom and ACR presets. I don’t care if they give you the look of film or not, I care about the end result.

And I love it.

With saying that, I also love shooting real film, but it’s nice to have something great for digital raw files.

These images were all edited with the VSCO FILM presets.

One click.


Order your copy here.

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i love watching all the sheeps following (or copying rather) whatever you do! all trying to copy ur look.
the bride on the second last photos, her lips sure looks like angelina jolie…


I love the vsco film because everyone is getting it, making our processing look even more unique because we don’t use it:)

well at least not on every photo:) wink wink

They definitely need some new images to sell their product!! I also looked at it a while ago and thought what a crock o shit! another company thinking they can match film, but your images and some images my brother sent me (both of which was processed with the presets) look very very impressive, making me think twice about investing in this.. so thanks for making me want to spend more money!

A Stunning set of Images, I love the color tone…very cinematic!

Stephen Devlin

The shot with the pool and sunset is awesome, its just been added to my list of shots to get! :)

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Bought it thanks to you. And totally agree with you!

Cant wait to try this as I feel the same way about lightroom so maybe this will help me like it.

The sunset shot infront of the pool is simply stunning!

This sounds like a pretty good film emulator! I mean, I was shooting film just the other day and I was just enjoying the great world outside my of computer, then I took a picture of just a random thing.

And Boom.

Then I tuned and saw more beautiful light.


I changed lenses and went to take a portrait.

One click.


The best part was when I got the film processed and scanned. I opened the files up in finder. And with just one click, they all looked just like film!

Double up!



Den tredje bilden till vänster är helt fantastisk! Liksom alla andra iof!

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I think you’re just convinved me with this review, to order VCSO film!

@A Gatty – you mean general rule photography 101 applies? hahaha

Anyway, which filters did you use on these? In particular the first image. I assume these are also customizable after you apply them too?

Looks great!

I have just stumbled across this post and I am wondering how the preset looked in an indoor situation, or with flash, the above results are beautiful but it would be nice to see how it looks in a different lighting situation :)

I used these presets on a wedding I just shot (my first wedding shoot ever). I loved how they worked. I find by default they crush the shadow and add a little too much contrast but easily fixable in ACR. I can’t say they work spectacular with flash photography and they require a little bit more massaging in that aspect.

Not at all how I felt. First time I clicked a preset I just about killed myself for having bought it, but then eventually I began to appreciate them more, but they still aren’t all that I thought they’d be. I clicked the preset and was like, “Man, I still need to work on this image as much as I used to.” Perhaps one day I’ll get the hang of it, but right now it’s just so so and doesn’t really do much to speed up my editing process.
Thanks for the review!

wow have times have changed:) time and time again we keep going back to vsco for the foundation of the look we need. With a few custom tweaks we can make our images look like how we saw them when we took them. That’s the trick though. Too many people are “one clicking” and everyone is looking the same with their editing… bottom line, love vsco. Jamie+Jake:married in Montana was edited entirely with one of the polaroid presets:) Jonas, you really did help bring vsco to the world. Nice work.