{wedding} ~ Frida & Alex ~ Lipari ~ Italy

I normally wouldn’t include something like this in a blog post from a wedding, but this time it’s such a huge part of the story, so I simply have to. Alex only met his biological father once. He came to Stockholm out of the blue, they fought, they made up and promises were made they would catch up again on the island of Lipari, just off Sicily, where Alex father lived. Three weeks later, before Alex got to see him again, his father died in a tragic accident.

Maybe I mention this because I too lost my father, but I feel it’s integral to the images I’m about to show you. Alex father left him a beautiful house on top of this magnificent island and the wedding took place there, getting ready, ceremony and the reception that followed. I imagine this has shaped Alex in more ways than one. You can tell he’s a man that looks after his relationships. The love he shows for Frida, his mother, his half brother, step father and everyone around him inspired me immensely.

Helping me capture this weekend I had Jakob from Nordica Photography. I could write a whole blog post about his talent. And the wedding planners were my dear friends Mitra and Fabio. It was a love fest like no other.



Fantastic images! The mood, the colors, the composition.. everything. Big congrats!!

I stumbled across your site (was looking the ProPhoto website)..

These are simply gorgeous photos.. I am sitting here with tears steaming down my face. Everything is absolutely beautiful.

Thank your for sharing..


Hi there!
I’m writing from Poland… And when my time to get married finally comes, I really want You to be there and take such amazing photos. I’m really suprised what can You do with Your camera, suprised and amazed. You have a great tallent, these photos are full of love and emotions, I really love them. Take care and keep doing what You do, because it’s beautiful!

Hi, I’m from Singapore, came upon your website while reading up on lenses. Your photos for this wedding is really beautiful. I aspire to be able to take photos like you. The colors are soft and gives a serene feel. Your skills In capturing the moments and details makes the event feels like the perfect wedding ever.

Amazing photos!!! Bravissimo ;)

Wow! I *loved* the simplicity of your photography. Loved how you captured each moment. So glad I found this.

Serega Ogorodnik

Very nice !!!!!!!

Stunning, great work, as always.

Cuentas mejor la historia que seguramente cualquier invitado a la boda, enhorabuena

Hi there, just came across these wedding pictures. Love the atmosphere you have captured, the simple story telling and some inspiring bride and groom portraiture

It is always impressive to come here, you do a very special kind of photography, it’s a kind of special inspiration not just for me but to everybody here at work… I just would like to say how much I do appreciate your job, Jonas

super moje gratulacje

superb work!!

fantastic photos that capture the feeling of this wedding

Itumeleng Malatsi

Such a splendid affair. A piece of heaven.

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Jonas, i feel like i have read the book after looking through this pictures. Thank you for transmitt these feelings in such a good way.

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