Because Of You


I’m writing to you not because I’m planning a wedding and am in search of a photographer, but because I stayed up last night until 6 am getting taken away to cities I’ve never even heard of and seeing just how powerful love really is.

 5 hours. 46 pages. 1 box of Kleenex. Countless smiles.

 That was my evening. I’m not engaged (not even dating) but I stumbled across your blog because of Pinterest and was immediately drawn to your photos. The emotions they evoked. The beauty in the little things. The overall feeling of love that emits from each picture.

 A perfect moment captured in time.

 I will be turning 26 within the next few months and a large portion of my friends are already engaged, married, or have families of their own. I’ve seen the stress that goes into these rights of passage, especially one’s “special day.”

 The right dress. Perfect color scheme. Meticulously organized seating chart.

 And yet your photos show what everyone’s wedding day should be centered around and what I hope mine focuses on…2 people, who fell in love.

 In the past 24 hours I’ve began the reevaluation of my life. What do I love? What is keeping me in Los Angeles, CA? What am I capable of? The answers to these questions have led me to start planning my next big adventure. I realized the farthest I’ve ever traveled was on a cruise with my parents to the Bahamas. My ex boyfriend is from Belfast and distance keeps us apart, my best friend lives in Bondi and the closest we can get is a Skype conversation, and I work at an International Summer Camp and can not visit former campers-all because I still don’t have a passport! So all of that is changing, starting tomorrow morning. Making a plan, working as hard as I can, saving as much as possible and traveling before the new year.

 Experiencing the world.

Living Life.

Because of You (yes, You) I’m taking my life into my own hands and exploring this great world. What am I hoping to find? I don’t know yet, but like any great traveler, I have a feeling I’ll know it when it happens. So, I wanted to say Thank You for lighting a fire in my heart. Being that extra push that I needed. I know you didn’t know it, but thank you. You really do have a gift and I’m so glad that you shared it with the world. And who knows, maybe one day I will be writing you to photograph that special day in my life.


 Kyrstin S

 Los Angeles, CA

March 7, 2017

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  1. Vilket fint brev du fick, men jag förstår henne , dina bilder är underbara och får en att vilja se och upptäcka mer i världen.


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