Penny & Gerald. A preview.

November 14, 2011

Australian girl meets Belgian boy. In the largest refugee camp in the world in Darfur, Sudan. Their story will blow you away.


The emotion in the first photograph is superb!

It ’tis an amazing story indeed, we had the pleasure of working with this amazing couple – and cannot wait for the next photo installment – it will no doubt blow us away yet again!

I love this muted tone look. I’ve been trying to get a similar look to my images recently. Great work!

Yes! Post more and tell more about this one!! Love em so far!

Stunning! Such incredible photos that have captured the love, the passion and the joy between Pen and Ger x

Stunning work as usual- love the low light images

looking forward for a story

wow loving these pictures already. will you be sharing the story?

Tell us the whole story , pleaseeeee

Love the muted tone of your images. very stylized. Keep up the great work!

Love the first shot + the shot of the hat and bottle! :)

looks like a good party! where is it going to be published? cant wait!!

yay. cant wait to hear their story!

otroligt vackert! Älskar hur du utnyttjar ljuset!

I feel the emotion here. I loved the weather, colors!

Ooh la! I cannot wait. I love these tones and the way you manage to make everything so quiet. That doesn’t really make sense, but I know what I mean. Beautiful.

love the feeling of this so far, a boy, a girl, their love and friends dancing barefeet, plus a great story to come…

Go Belgium!!!! Glad he imported our best stuff to your country, beer… :) Great set J Can’t wait to see more.

Want to know more of their story…what an excellent beginning to a wedding tale :)

Your first photo is beautiful. They all are, but that one is spectacular.

What the what?! This I gotta hear. Night photos remind me of a scene in Big Fish. Love. ;)

Lovely images. Can’t wait to read their story.

Cant wait to see MORE JP

Its definitely a Aussie summer wedding when the guests have no shoes on the outdoor dance floor. Looking forward to more!

What a magical site for a wedding… looking forward to seeing the rest and reading your account of their story.

I cannot wait to see and read about it….