tamsin + Matt – Coming Soon

December 30, 2008



i’m speechless. this photo is so different from anything i have ever seen. well done.

This is perhaps the most unique ceremony image I have ever seen. I am a new fan.

I love your photography and your words. I found you on Facebook through a friend and I am in awe of your work. What an ispiration you are.


that’s a great shot.. like a shot you could use on your card.

Love the way you do wedding pictures. Just love it.
If I ever find someone to marry I want you..
No, not for husband as a photografer

It is awesome. It was awesome! and I can say I was and am very much in Love with the woman in that photo (I’m the man in the photo). Jonas is by far one of the most amazingly creative people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting to date! Thanks so much Jonas. See you soon.

That is awesome. So simple, yet such a unique perspective. I am rarely, if ever, allowed to get this close during vows :)

You really are a great photographer :)

Love the photo!

Your pics is awesome:)

wow..this photo made me speachless…so beautiful… LOVE

WOW. All your photos are so full of emotion.

great picture! You captured the moment beautifully!

Love this! Their eyes say it all…….. Great shot!

Love is in their eyes. Good shot.

Yes, that’s the priest in the background.

Beautiful! There’s no other word for it! Was this during the actual ceremony?