Ever since I was a boy growing up I’ve wanted to travel the world, experience new places and meet people from different cultures. I’ve thought about it a lot and I think that’s why I ended up being a destination wedding photographer, but never could I have imagined I’d see as much as I have.

Over the last ten years I’ve traveled to every continent, experienced things I will forever treasure and met people that will forever stay in my heart. Getting to travel the world the way I have is nothing short of a blessing and a miracle. With me I carry the smells of burning incents from Bali, the sound of distant church bells from a village in Sicily, the feeling of white sand between my toes on Harbour Island in the Bahamas and elephants leaning on my tent in Kenya (yikes).

Traveling has made me a better man, I see the world in ways I couldn’t have if I stayed home.

To call what I do a business is almost funny to me, I would have done this any way I can. But a business it is and over the years I’ve made it a very successful and profitable one. I’ve made mistakes along the way, I’ve learned from them and adjusted and I’m proud of what I’ve built.

Now I want to help you do the same. If you’ve ever dreamt of adding traveling to your list of things you want to make money from, I’m here to guide you to the best ways to get there.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who is interested in travel photography or destination weddings and elopements. I will cover everything from the business side of things, how to market yourself, how to actually book this kind of work, how to deal with international planners and video teams to the actual logistics of working overseas in countries than can be outright scary on paper. I will go through how I work in detail, giving you a blueprint you can use yourself or adapt to what you already do.

When it comes to this kind of work, I have experienced it all and I can tell you it’s a jungle out there, both literally and figuratively, and jungles are no joke to deal with.


I’ve chosen six very specific places in North America to launch this workshop, all very popular destinations I’ve worked at and loved traveling to. Oh, and Austin, my home, because it all starts and ends there.

MIAMI, FL – 12 MARCH 2020
HUDSON, NY – 17 MARCH 2020
BIG SUR, CA – 23 APRIL 2020 (location shoot)
JOSHUA TREE, CA – 28 APRIL 2020 (location shoot)

The two workshops in Big Sur and Joshua Tree will be slightly different as they will both include a location shoot with a real couple.


COST: $595 per person OR $995 for two, bring a studio partner, spouse or a friend. The cost for signing up will be $295 for 1 person or $495 for two. Remaining balance to be paid 30 days prior to the workshop. To sign up, choose how many people you want to sign up and the location you’re after.