"For the last decade Jonas has been on the forefront of what wedding photography is today. He has been named one of the top photographers in the world many times over and spends his time shooting weddings worldwide and teaching other photographers his style of stor..." Forget it. It's hard telling you about achievements I've made without coming across as...the opposite of who I want to be. It's true I've had a lot of success as a photographer, I've shot celebrity weddings and traveled the world for the last ten years as one of the most sought after wedding photographers around. But that's not who I am. I am grateful you're here. Truly. I have been captivated by stories since I was a child. My father used to read Tintin books to me and my brother and I vividly remember every part of it, how it felt being embraced my him, how we traveled in our minds together to places like Peru and the moon. Stories have the power to make us better people and I have spent most of my life learning how to become a storyteller. I'm still learning. One thing I learned early on, to tell someone else's story, you need to be better at listening than telling, otherwise the story your telling is yours, not theirs. And believe me, that gets boring after a while. But here we are and I'm sure you're wondering who I am. Why should you hire me and not someone else. It's quite possible I'm more expensive than other photographers around, so I understand if you want to look under the veil. These days I live in Austin, Texas with my wonderful wife, Sarah and our son, Ellis. I have two amazing boys from a previous marriage, Noah and Joel, and everything I do is for them. I have climbed every career ladder you can imagine and every time I've reached the top I've honestly felt lonely and sad, so I've given it up and now focus on making the people around me understand how worthy of love they are. Everyone's story is worthy of sharing. And that - in essence - is what I try to do. Tell stories, not mine, but others. Come in, look around and tell me who you are. The rest will follow.