Monthly Archives: August 2009

Wedding season is about to kick into top gear in Brisbane and I’m getting ready. Even though I’ve lived in Australia for five years, my brain is still on northern hemisphere time when it comes to the seasons. This is supposed to be the time when you rug up and get ready for a long dark winter, not the time when you put on boardies and thongs. But hey, I’m definitely not one to complain. Spring is here and I’m looking forward to a great wedding year with weddings in Brisbane and Queensland, but also others all over Australia, Bali, Europe and hopefully a couple in the US. As I said, you won’t hear me complain about my job – more shake my head in disbelief while I smile and turn towards the sun. I’m ready for whatever comes next. Just bring it on.


As I was taking this shot of Erin and her mother just minutes before they left for the ceremony, I remember thinking how lucky I am. People let me into their lives every weekend, I see so much love and I actually get paid to capture it. I know I go on about this all the time, but I have a pretty fantastic job. My time in ad-land seems so far away at times. No more presenting ad campaigns to people who couldn’t care less, no more meetings with people who resent what I do, no more fake smiles and handshakes.

Instead love and happiness in abundance.