Thank you

for reading this

I feel honored that you have contacted me to shoot your wedding. As odd as it may sound, I’m not very interested in wedding photography, but I am deeply interested in people and their stories, I just happen to capture them on one of the best days of their lives.

Of your life.

Because hopefully that’s why you’re here, you’ve reached out to me to see if I can capture you and the one you love, you and your family, you and your friends - in a place important to you. I would want nothing more. Thank you again for contacting me, hopefully I will hear back from you soon.


It started with

A need for honesty

12 years ago I left my advertising job, I was burnt out and tired. I had written ads for some of the largest brands in the world and become very good at it. But I missed...people. The fabric of life, joy, happiness, laughter and tears. I was just someone selling stuff to people.

So one day I left.

I started shooting weddings in 2008 and the idea was to just do something real, treat people - and myself - with love and produce something that felt honest and real. So much of wedding photography looks the same and I wanted to focus on the things I think matter.

It's all about people

On my website you'll find weddings from everywhere, but please don't assume I only shoot weddings far away. Your wedding is your wedding and it will be just as beautiful, full of love and the people who mean something to you.

I would love to be there with you.

I have been named one of the best wedding photographers in the world and it's true I shoot weddings all around the planet, but don’t feel intimidated by that. Really. To me it doesn’t matter where your wedding takes place, a scout hall in the country is just as interesting as a mountain in South America. I do this to connect with people, to tell the story of your day, not to see grander and more remote locations.

How I work

I don't have any hours in my packages, it's something we can work out between us, but I believe in being there all day, starting around when you're getting ready and ending some time into dancing. All weddings are different and I don't want to assume yours follow any template, I try to be as flexible as I can. The photos you see here are portraits, but for the most part of the day I will capture everything else, you and the people that matter to you. But also the place you've chosen. I focus on a few things in my photos - love, place and connection - here all weddings are the same. If you're still reading, let's get into the nitty gritty. I know weddings are expensive and investing in a photographer is not easy. I don't know your budget, but below I'm listing my packages as they stand today. Let them be a starting point if nothing else, we can always talk.

Love, Place and Connection.


Collection Three

Collection Two

Collection One

All day coverage
Online galleries
Online slideshow
Hi and lo-res images

Super 8 Wedding Film

My photography and film package includes a beautiful analog wedding video shot on super 8 film, it's to me the ultimate way to remember your wedding.

All day coverage
Online galleries
Online slideshow
Hi and lo-res jpeg images – fully edited.

10x10” Fine art book. 15 spreads included, additional spreads $125 each.

My most popular photography package. The book is something you will keep for many years, hopefully even show to your kids one day. How many discs or folders of photos do you have from 10 years back? A book will last forever.

All day coverage
Online galleries
Online slideshow
Hi and lo-res jpeg images – fully edited.

This is the base package, great if you just want the basics with no added books or prints.

A retainer / deposit and a signed wedding agreement are required to reserve your date. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the wedding. Below you will find the different packages I offer, to these you can add items, but not remove any. As I travel to most of my weddings, I charge for flights/travel, lodging and often a rental car, all separately. These costs can either be worked into the quote or paid at the time the costs occur.

A lasting memory

There’s something magical about a printed image. When I grew up my mother made albums from our holiday snaps and sometimes when I’m home, I go through them. Those images from my childhood are worth more to me than any jpeg on my many hard drives. Crappy snaps with date stamps of me and my cousins playing dress up in our summerhouse in Sweden bring me right back there and I cherish those photos immensely. If you leave your photos on a disk or your hard drive, your images will gradually fade into oblivion. The images are still there in that folder, but you never look at them and the photographer in me quietly questions why you paid to have me there on your day if you didn’t intend to do something with your photos. Print your photos, ok? Put them on walls, on fridges or in books, but just print them. Every time you walk past that wall, you will remember that day and smile.

And one day your children will thank you too.

Super 8 Wedding Films

These wedding films are something I'm very, very proud of. Shot entirely on analog super 8 film they capture the true feeling of the day in a way in a way photography can't. I am convinced these films will be passed on and shared with your family long after you're gone. For examples, please check under "films" in the main menu.

Fine Art Books

These books are…fantastic. To make them justice with a few photos is almost impossible, but let me assure you, this is how you want your wedding to be remembered. There’s a reason why stories have been told in books for so long, don’t let your wedding end up in a folder on some hard drive somewhere. Let me ask you this; how many external hard drives from 10 years ago can you plug into your computer today?

How many old books can you still read, enjoy and share with people at home?

N.B: Most of my clients end up buying 35-40 spread albums. I design and select images, but you have full control and can add or take away whatever you want. Pre-designing just speeds up the process. Sample albums can be viewed upon meeting.


Where are you based?


I am based in Austin,TX, but I also spend parts of the year in Australia and Europe so chances are travel costs won't be as steep as you think.

I work on a first-come, first-served basis and I generally have many people interested in the same dates. The ONLY way to secure a date is to pay a deposit and sign a contract.

When do you arrive?

How are the images delivered?

For US weddings I arrive the day before and leave the day after your wedding (unless you’re within 90 minutes from Austin, then I will arrive and leave the same day. For international weddings I arrive two days before I start shooting, it gives me time to get to know you, scout locations and venues.

Your images are delivered online.

When are the images delivered?

Usually it will take around 4-5 weeks before you see your wedding slideshow. After that you will receive your online gallery. If you have an album package that process starts as soon as your images are edited. Time of delivery depends on number of revisions and time of year. Please not that I travel all around the world, so sometimes delivery will be delayed a week or two, I hope that’s ok. I want to make sure I deliver a product I believe in and not a rush job.

How does payment work?

When you book me, upon signing the wedding agreement, you are required to pay the booking deposit/retainer. Your date is then secured. All travel costs to be paid when these are booked. You can also ask for an all inclusive quote and leave everything to me.

Do you have backup gear?

Can you recommend a good videographer?

Short answer, yes. Multiple camera bodies, lenses and memory cards. All your images are also backed up to several hard drives to keep them safe.

If you don't like the super 8 wedding films we create, I can most definitely recommend someone shooting video, I have a worked with a number of great teams.