Hi, I’m Jonas

Named one of the top

wedding photographers in the world

I draw my inspiration from travel and the people I meet.

A lot of people assume I only shoot the most exotic stuff you can imagine, but stories are everywhere, so if you're interested in what I do, just contact me, you never know. Serendipity has always played a role in the choices I've made.

Some of the people I've met have become my closest friends, others I only met briefly. I'm grateful for it all, to be able to listen to and tell someone's story is one of the great joys in my life.

When I'm not traveling I enjoy cooking and a glass of calvados.

I have three beautiful sons and a wife who is the most amazing woman in the world.

Life is both fragile and beautiful.

After years as a successful advertising creative, I decided I wanted to try something new. I was asked to shoot a wedding and at first I laughed it off, to me wedding photography was the bottom end of photography, where the talentless end up because they can't cut it in the commercial or fine art world. But the idea stayed with me and I decided to do it anyway. I published the photos on a website I had just set up and my whole world exploded. People started calling me immediately and before I knew it I was flying around the world capturing stories for all kinds of people.

That was 12 years ago.

I've been very lucky, people from all walks of life have loved the stories I tell, and in the process I've traveled to places I could only dream of. Today I live in Austin, TX and I shoot travel editorials and weddings for people all around the world.

I believe in

the poetry of a place

and how it shapes us

I believe in connection, between people, but also to the land, to the place where something happens. I spend a lot of time documenting the destinations, as I believe they play an integral part in the stories I tell. Whether I'm in someone's home or somewhere new, I know the place have been chosen for a specific reason. I arrive a few days early, roam around and get a feel for where I am and by doing so I get a much better grasp of the story I'm about to tell. The more I travel, the more I fall in love with the world around us.