Monthly Archives: December 2010

In a world of ¬†your own harshest critics, I am El Presidente. Both when I shoot and when I edit there’s a whiny little man in my head telling me I’m not at the top of my game. I’m never ever good enough for him. I wonder if I ever will be.

Today I’ve decided not to listen to him.

Because when I look back at 2010 I feel nothing but joy. I still have weddings to blog, but they’ll have to wait. All that agonising in front of the computer is forgotten. Instead I look back at a year of travels, both around Australia, but also three laps around the world. I shot 18 overseas weddings in different parts of the world. I’ve met people I’ll never forget and taken an ok photo or two.

Today and maybe only today I can look at what I have done and be at least a little proud. Tomorrow I’ll be back to beating myself up again, but today I’ll go easy on myself and give myself a light, almost feather-like, pat on the back.

Today I’ll tell myself I did alright.

I recommend all my couples to have their images printed somehow. There really is nothing like seeing your wedding images hand bound together on beautiful fine art paper. This album ended up with 45 spreads (90 pages).