Adrian & Laura. Preview.


bwahaha. funniest dog ever. win. you are sick peterson.

excellent images, Jonas. Your work is a cut (or two) above most. well done!

Love the hats! Cool forest. Intimidating dog. ;o)

love them! that last shot is a crack up :D

i just love your work. you inspire me greatly!

I LOL’d at the last shot. Great work through and through Jonas. Can’t wait to see more.

You are so good it’s actually silly.

Love the final picture – looks great fun!

Gorgeous photos! I get amazed every time i look on here.. beautiful stuff!

Gorgeous shots! You’re one of 2-3 wedding photographers in the world that consistently cause me to be amazed!

Love the Boston!!! Mine would never stand still long enough for a shot.

Oh. And the other images are pretty damn hot too.

Oh my that 1st image of the pup is way too cute! and I also love that 3rd image – romantic x

Love the first shot. Classic.

Okay, really? A fancy little boston terrier? I mean, really. Just ridiculous.
And the beautiful lighting. And the men looking so debonaire. Seriously awesome.

The 2 middle shots are EPIC!

The groomsmen shot is the balls.

Very nice indeed..would look great as photo painting . You can contact me if interested in a collaboration with painting artists for your clients’ photos…

grant, shaps, darren – you always look hot