Melbourne Wedding ~ Stonelea Estate ~ Matt and Monique

The area outside Melbourne where Monique and Matt got married was heavily affected by bush fires a few years earlier and this day it was very hot and dry again. When you walked on the grass outside Stonelea Country Estate it was like walking on frost. It was impossible not to think about the catastrophy a few years earlier. But I also found it beautiful that they got married exactly there. After the destruction new life emerges, plants find a way up through the dirt, defying the elements to create something new. Something strong. To have a wedding at Acheron Hall the was the final way to show the world that life always finds a way. A so does love.

Today’s wedding was also featured on Polka Dot Bride. Go there for all the details.




I love everything about this. You always pick the most amazing music to match your weddings!!

It’s so beautiful. Such an inspiration.

Beautiful images. And what a brave bride with that low backless dress – she looks gorgeous!

Just simply stunning!!! Absolutely love this Jonas!

Just perfect.

what a story, I’m in love with the kangaroos. great wedding great work.

Beautiful wedding Jonas! I love the way you tell wedding stories.

jonas this is so fresh.

Speachless. Love the editing.

Jonas you crash the system :-) Epic!

Lush and gorgeous. I expect nothing else from you big man. Lovely work :)

Stunning work Jonas!

Every part of this is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing :-)

Åh! Vackert!! Och boxern, jag bara dör! <3

Stunning as ever Jonas – keep the inspiration flowing!

Beautiful from start to finish Jonas. And a beautiful song to go with it.

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Just beautiful all the way. I love the kangaroos too.

I cannot recall an instance where my heart didn’t skip a beat everytime I look at your photographs Jonas.