The stories

Candice and Joe ~ New Orleans

Walking down Bourbon Street in New Orleans during Candice and Joe's second line will forever be one of the most amazing ...
August 5, 2015

Nina and Sebastian ~ Masai Mara

Some places stay with you forever. When wildlife photographer Nina and her Sebastian asked me to shoot their wedding in ...
December 2, 2014

Jocelyn and Paul ~ Bali

November 18, 2014

Alyce and Shaun ~ Byron Bay

"We got our wine and ice cream as recommended but we were both so totally transfixed. I can't even begin to thank you en ...
July 23, 2014

Madeleine and Julius ~ Cockatoo Island

Madeleine and Julius are both talented film directors, Julius is the only Australian director to have ever won a Palm D' ...
June 27, 2014

Rohan and Joelene ~ Deux Belettes

It rained heavily all day at the lovely Deux Belettes in NSW, dark clouds pulled in and wouldn't go away. I looked o ...
May 8, 2014

melissa and jan ~ redu ~ belgium

For once, words fail me. There's so much to say about this weekend in Belgium. About Melissa and Jan. About their famili ...
September 18, 2013

zach & kiele ~ hopland

When Zach contacted me about shooting his and Kiele's wedding in Hopland in Northern California a couple of days before ...
August 7, 2013


Gaby and German

"I have all this new makeup, but I don't know what to do with it, Gaby said. And my hair...I'm just a mother. Is thi ...
February 22, 2017

Giuseppe and Marzia

August 26, 2016

Jonas Peterson Workshops 2016-2017

    Who is the workshop for? It doesn’t matter if you’re working as a wedding photographer, if you ...
August 12, 2016