Queenstown Wedding

People often ask me where my favourite place in the world to shoot is. And I honestly don’t have a good answer to that. I’ve been lucky enough to see some truly magical wedding locations around the world, but I’ve also been fortunate enough to see love transform the most boring suburban community hall into a fairytale filled with laughter and joy. It’s never ever about the locations, always about the people.

With that said, I recently traveled to Queenstown to shoot Josephine and Steven’s wedding at Matakauri Lodge.

On film.

And ermahgerd.


Cameron Neville

Wonderful work. Love it.

Love it! You need to go to Portugal…

D&A Photography

Incredible! That shot of the bride and groom from above is just stunning!

I’ll always remember that. It should always be about the people! Thanks J.

Great reminder for us all! Its ALWAYS indeed about PEOPLE! :)
youve become an inspiration Jonas! :) Thx!!!

doggies, sheeps, deer friends, moo-ers, ponies and a couple with mountains. totes awesome.

Wow, I must go here someday. That spot of godly light hitting the mountains on the last frame – phenomenal.

I’m with Alyda. Totes awesome!

Vivienne van Deventer

Absolutely stunning! x

That’s a paddlin’.

Oh slap me on the back because I am choking!!! AMAZING!!! AMAZING!!!!

Cassú Retratista / Cassú Fotògraf

I love your work but … Why film ?

I am blown away with how beautiful these are.

Can’t wait to see more…

Queenstown, NZ? Totally agree with you that it’s *always* all about the people. But that being said, New Zealand is hands-down the most beautiful place on earth. Hard to capture an un-inspired photo there!!

Ever inspiring! love the words & images!!

Laura Michelle Vanderwel

I would love a print of any one of these to hang on my wall. Even the couple that I don’t know… :D The moods you capture are incredible.

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Time to go full time film I’d say Mr Jonas.

Stunning…. so amazing. I love the colours and your sensibility…

ermahgerd indeed. Lovely work as always.

This is fairy tale.

I will call this MIND BLOWING!!!!

Dude – You inspire me! That is all.

Beautiful! Queenstown is a stunning place.


Awesome job. Great composition skills.

Excelente trabajo, me encantan las composiciones ..