Here’s the thing. You’re going to have to write something. And it gets worse. You will be judged based on how and what you write, whether it’s in that first email to a potential client, a post on social media or even on Tinder - you have to write something interesting enough for anything to move further. Most of our communication takes place online these days and it has given people who can write a huge advantage over the people who insist they can’t - your words say something about you long before you get to see someone face to face. For the last few years this has been brewing in me. I was a writer long before I became a professional photographer, my father was a writer, I have it in my bones. Photography is just something I do, writing is…ingrained in who I am. So I decided to put a workshop together. I’m going to simply start there. This is not a workshop that will make you a writer, but it is one that will give you tools to write better. WHAT TO EXPECT. This workshop is aimed at people who are afraid of writing, for whatever reason. Maybe you feel you are not good enough at it, or maybe you know you can write, but you’re simply afraid to put yourself out there. I know from personal experience that the excuses are many and varied, the end result is the same – you simply don’t write. This workshop will change that through theoretical tips and practical exercises. You will get all the help needed to write and how to do it well. You will also get access to an online community which will give invaluable support before and after the workshop. You will leave feeling inspired to write in your own voice, which is the single most powerful tool we have in both business and life today. WHO? Jonas is a professional photographer with a passion for everything story. He’s also a writer, public speaker, columnist, teacher and blogger and has won awards for his writing multiple times all around the world. WHERE: Stockholm, Sweden - June 18 2019 Cost: $695 USD - $395 when you sign up, the remaining balance two weeks before the workshop.