This is why I travel

Day Five in Cape Town. Today one of the attendees of my workshop, Werner, is taking me to Overcome Heights, one of the makeshift townships here to show me the work the NPO he works for does.

Many Capetonians are appalled about me getting skimmed earlier in the week, but I’ve been in worse situations in far more Western countries in the world.

Cape Town is a wonderful and complex place. Yesterday my client Cheree (you saw her in the photo on the Opera House stairs) took me around the Cape. Cheree is of Cape Malay – or coloured – descent and it was very interesting to get an insight into life in the suburbs on the Cape Flats. Tomorrow I shoot the second part of her wedding on the mountainside high up above Camps Bay. The contrasts are not lost on me.

It would be disrespectful of me to say I understand life here in Cape Town. To understand the balance between Whites, Coloured and Blacks I would have to come many times more and not even then I think I would be able to understand fully.

But I do know one thing.

This is why I travel.


thanks for the insightful comments JP. i haven’t been but your words make me want to go.

safe travels.

Thank you. Thank you for being so refreshingly honest and thank you for reminding us that despite how much we love weddings and wedding photography, there are many more components which make-up the human race.

Glad you’re taken out to see more than the obvious, that’s why I ♥ my country!

What do you mean by ‘skimmed’, Jonas?!

Never been to Capetown. Born in Nigeria. People are complex indeed, and the more you travel, the more you learn. Cheers J.

LOVE Capetown and would go back tomorrow! The layers of social/economic complexity is astounding. ….looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Cape Town is one of the best places on this planet. Ever.

I hear you. Well written. Cape Town is such a complex yet beautiful place. I bet your photos will be amazing.

Amazing how excellent you managed to capture the moments, I’m impressed!

Cape Town, and South Africa in a whole, is a very complex place. I’m thrilled to hear you say that. It is my home country and I am dying to go back and visit. Even more, I would kill to shoot a wedding there. I’m interested in what you mean by getting skimmed?

yeah Cape Town is a very special place indeed. Have some good memories. Can’t wait to see the pictures bru! ;)

Fantastic photo. At all genres of photography. Awesome black and withe technic. Remember the old days of film and black and white paper: Congratulations.

I think it’s even more interesting in the words to describe different peoples. In the states, not always thought of as pc. Thanks for the great post.

I can’t believe we were in Cape Town at exactly the same time. It was a trip of a lifetime for me and I couldn’t get over how beautiful the place was. Like everyone, I can’t wait to see Cape Town through your eyes.

Jonas! Really enjoyed our adventure walking through Overcome Heights. Had such good feedback from the community. Thank you for treating these vulnerable people with so much dignity — it was an amazing gift to them. And to me I might add :-) Bless you big time!

Cape Town is a unique city for sure. One memory that will stay with me is that view from the top of Table Mountain. Can’t wait to see your photos man. The light down there is somethin’ else and with your kick ass bokeh, your images are going to be off the scale. Cheers, Jay

You’re definitely a lucky man.

I wish more people thought like you…understanding takes time and effort…shame you got skimmed, but friends I know this has happened to have always had their cash returned to them in the end…safe travels


I live in the Cape….beautifully expressed Jonas, am so glad a part of us has remained with you.

Traveling is such a great way to experience, looking forward to pics!