Anna & Thomas


So so so different. Good use of light too.

Really amazing light! Very cool shot!

Love the light on their foreheads! Ethereal!

superb!!! I just married a couple there on Friday! great spot!!

Great !!! I love this light & feeling

Nice moody portrait. Not sure about the eyes but then I think. I liiiike it :-)

You control light like a master jedi!

this is so good. One of my favorites from you.

Love the lighting in this!

lovely feeling ¡ beautifull light capture ! excelent postprocess ! pure inspiration for me

I really, really, really love this. Beautiful.

connecting to the next world….nice job !

I can’t stop staring at this portrait. It’s so intriguing! The eyes, the light, their faces… it all pulls together for an untraditionally beautiful photograph.

Baeutiful light and lovely couple:)

Very sensual, amazing I’d say !

Beautiful photos, I think its a beam of natural light, but really can’t tell. lovely light though. :-)