{wedding} michael & natalia ~ adelaide


music credit: Ben Howard – Depth Over Distance (iTunes)

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  1. A girl’s shy face with unspoken words of accepting a man as her life partner and a boys smiling face of picking a social responsibility by accepting a girl as his wife in front of all their friends and relative once come in the life of every man and woman. And all wants to make those moments an unforgettable moment. For that sometimes instructions of a photographer for giving different expression also a main cause. I hope most of us must agree.

  2. Oh my, 413 is one of the best wedding photographs I’ve ever seen. What an amazing eye to see… and then capture… that image. Breathtaking.

  3. i do not understand- do they have 2 ceremonies, one in ortodox church and one more:)?

    beautiful photos and wedding

  4. This is such a wonderful wedding! & Certainly a favorite among your wonderful weddings Jonas! Incredible how you captured the beauty and atmosphere of this day! WOW!!! Really love the bride and her 30´s-diva look! Stunning!
    ~ Saluti.

  5. Fantastic images. I love the brides 1920’s dress and the images of the boys getting ready amongst all the clutter in the garages are amazing. Great sense of style and I always enjoy coming back to your blog for a look!

  6. The black in whites in this set of images are genuinely stunning, Jonas. They all are actually, but yeah… just stunningly beautiful.

  7. The most beautiful bridal everything-hair, makeup, shoes, dress, hairpiece and veil-that I have ever seen.
    She is absolutely incredible, and so are you.

  8. Wow, not sure I’ve ever seen such a beautiful bride. Her hair, dress, veil are out of this world. Also, ya know, beautifully captured as always. : )

  9. Jonas, I’ve seen all your work but for some reason this one feels (al least to me) the one with more awesomeness. Beautiful bride. Congrats.

  10. Beautiful pictures :) as always.

    Can you share how do get those blurry… light painting like shots from the receptions. Thanks.

  11. Amazing as always Jonas…Your the man! Black and white portrait shot of the bride…absolute killer. Awesome work!

  12. first time I’ve looked through a post of yours with the music and it really makes it. ben howard is rad. these photos aren’t real. wow.

  13. So glad you decided to go through your old images. These are stunning and once again (as is every time when I look at your work), I’m completely inspired! You put the images together in such a pleasing way; the colors, the textures, and the random moments in between the stunning portraits tell the story of that gorgeous wedding day so well.


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