What a year it was.

I went back and selected 25 shots from my life outside of work. Mainly to check if I could find a common theme. I don’t think I did though. I also realize they look quite different from how I shoot my weddings, but together they create some kind of balance. At least for me.

I hope you like them.

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  2. I almost squealed when the music kicked in – I LOVE that song. Also, I swear, you are the freshest and most creative photographer I have found in a LONG time. So many photographers do the same thing over and over.. I’m not judging, I do it too. But with you, it’s more than and aperture and figuring out a pricing scheme…. looking at your work reminds me of all the reasons why I kept picking up a camera years ago. You have a gift, and to say that that gift is just that you take great photos would be a gross underestimation of you. Your gift is the way you see things. Thank you for sharing the way you see things with everyone.

  3. Bold, dramatic and emotional.
    Love your work, Jonas… very inspirational. Well done mate!

    Where did you find this music? It’s fantastic!

  4. Jonas, they’re amazing! Don’t think it’s necessary to have a common theme when they are this beautiful and filled with emotions. love every single one!

  5. Fantastiskt.. fick påminna mig själv att andas emellanåt för jag va så fast i bildspelet!
    Jag hade velat ha dina bilder som tavlor på väggarna i alla rum:)

  6. amazing as always jonas. I remember almost all of those throughout the year. Seriously those ones of your family are so touching too. I can’t wait to do the same when I have children

  7. Det är så mycket frihet i dina bilder. Jag blir helt tagen. Jag går en fotokurs nu ch jag hoppas vekligen att jag kommer kunna bli lika bra som du en dag.
    Nu måste jag titta på dem igen.

  8. The favourite is definitely Noah reaching for Joel’s toes. Your images are very inspiring and whenever I need a push forward I take a look at your photos. The most touching ones are always those of your family. They radiate so much love and affection. Beautiful. Truly beautiful.

  9. Simply lovely. “Looking for tigers” is a work of pure genius. Although those red locks are hard not to love. The one with Noah on the mudflats are wonderful. It looks he’s sprung from Mother Nature’s womb, born right there and then.

  10. Even though you claim that you most probably did not find a common theme throughout these different photographs, I can’t help but keep thinking in the terms of “Motion of Life” or something similar. In each and every photograph there is motion. Perhaps not physical motion, but a purposeful force that I can only associate with life.

    It’s just completely beautiful, and how you are able to capture that in a frame is amazing.

  11. Amanda: The song is “Fok” by Olafur Arnalds
    Steve: Thanks, man. I use “Kubota’s Sloppy Borders”.

  12. Jonas, your perception of life is so unique and very deserved of being caught in on camera. The milliseconds that the shutter captures are what pass us by everyday, you have definitely got 25 milliseconds of beauty there.

    I had trouble choosing a favorite, but I can’t go past the flaming red locks in a white bath tub, that is amazing :)

    Oh, if you would like to shoot me an email and share with me where you got your border from, that would much appreciated, if not, I understand :)


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