{andrew & jenny} ~ wedding ~ the secret garden

If you didn’t know it was there, you would never find it. I guess that’s why it’s called the secret garden. Just a small sign. You drive down a private road and suddenly it ends. You’re there. In the secret garden.

I flew five hours from Brisbane to Perth, drove another three down to Margaret River and in the end it was so worth it. Jenny and Andrew had a beautiful wedding and a great reception. Guests from Scotland left snow and -30C to land in the middle of an Australian heat wave. The day I left Perth it was 46C. Living in Brisbane, I’m kind of used to the heat, but thats’s 76 degrees warmer than Scotland. It must have felt like going to another planet for many of the guests from Europe.

Jenny wore an Akira dress, Andrew wore a manly Scottish garment, perfect for the Australian summer.

I think I’ll get one too.

Slàinte Mhath!

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  1. I love this wedding so much I can’t stand it. And there’s so much variety! From garden-y vintage to disco. Dream wedding + wonderful photographs!

  2. Got the pictures downloaded successfully at last! Excellent! You all looked as if you had a ball. Very sorry we didn’t share it with you.

  3. I love that shot of them eating through the window, and the one of her in front of the yellow bedroom wall, and the kilt going upstairs. I was surprised to see the photobooth setup! – Natalie (swpb)

  4. This may be my favorite wedding you have ever shot Jonas! Not just because of the wedding, but the images you captured. It’s……….there aren’t good enough adjectives!!!!!

  5. Your work always amazes me. I absolutely love the 3 shots of the bride in front of the yellow wall. I love so many more but those are my favs. You rock!

  6. I just came to your site to plug the Haiti auction on my blog and I noticed the gorgeous Jenny and her beautiful wedding. I went to university with her (and half her guests)! As we say in Perth, it’s a small Perth (and a small Australia).

  7. Beautiful work Jonas, you have done us proud, the family will have many happy hours and days ahead, looking at the album.
    FOB? Father of The Bride.

  8. Jonas, yet another brilliant set. I love the shots when you’re following the groom around by his kilt. The lighting on the bride coming in with her father for the ceremony is really stunning and the reception shots really give off the energy of the party. It all comes together beautifully. Great storytelling.

  9. You win, Jonas. I quit. Those are unbelievable. I feel like I was there with you experiencing the whole thing. Not only that, but I feel like I know the couple as well. No wonder you’re the king.

  10. Wow! This was my brother-in-laws wedding which unfortunately I couldn’t make but Jonas you have totally captured the romance of the occasion. Thank you so much, a beautiful story to show Andrew’s young neice and nephew here in “sunny” Scotland!

  11. Så vackert! Ett av mina absoluta favoritbröllop! Vilken otrolig konstnär du är, Jonas! :D

  12. Jonas, your photos are… WOW. I’m not able to describe with words what kinds of feelings they arouse within me. This time I shed a tiny, Swedish tear – in front of my computer in your old hometown of Götelaborg. I’ve followed you for over 5 years. What an amazing journey! Varma hälsningar från den vädermässigt totalt vidriga lilla hamnstaden på Sveriges bästkust. Slask-o-mania!

  13. Every time i see your posts i automatically start smiling and dreaming in equal measure. You constantly make me want to get up and do this. Thankyou.

  14. What a lovely venue! The dress in the tree is killing me, can’t wait for some summer weddings out in the countryside – not so easy to do that kind of thing in central London! :D Great job as usual, always an inspiration

  15. i’m almost afraid of the day you shoot a wedding in scotland – home of my heart – because i think you might break my heart with your pictures :) this was close enough! “secret garden,” the kilts, the dancing, the light – you can feel the summer heat, with that image of the guests sitting on the wall during the ceremony – all these things make your random wedding blog post mean something personal to random me. that’s such a gift, dude…

  16. Outstanding as always!! Question, a lot of the photos almost look like they are taken with film because of the beautiful grain. Is this just because of the fantastic high ISO your camera can handle or do you add some effect/filter in the post processing?

    Btw, it is also fantastic how you have become so skilled with your Tilt Shift lens!:)

  17. WOW! You’re back! Varje foto har du verkligen lyckats med. Jag sitter andaktigt och tittar. Den här gången var det inte tvekan eller nåt som störde på någon av bilderna. Du är tillbaka.

  18. Love the secret garden, it is a stunning location and you have done it justice with these beautiful images. My favourite has to be the BW image of the bride in front of the pond – gorgeous!

  19. As always, there are no words – every single image is perfection. Love the ones in the yellow room, the stunning light in the portraits, the whimsical details & location, and of course, all the amazing intimate moments you captured.

  20. The absolute magic moment an instant before the kiss… awesome and a genious catch. You rock!

  21. Its all the little things that really make this awesome work Jonas. And you should totally get a kilt, its air conditioned comfort all the way!!

  22. Had to look twice at the “photo” of the guy dancing with a mini dress and heels on!!!
    I remember my secret garden as a kid. Looks like this was a stunning wedding captured beautifully by you.

  23. Jonas, I don’t think I can stand look at any more of your photos. They are just TOO good. And good is not the word, ok, too PHENOMENAL. That’s better. Your creativity and perspective is genius!


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