Bambu Indah Wedding – Orin and Maria


When I shot Elora's wedding in 2012 I didn't know how often I'd come back to Sayan, the village where the Hardy family have lived for many years, but something keeps pulling back and into the arms of the Hardys.

On the morning of Orin's wedding I wrote this in my notebook:

"It's early morning in Sayan and I wake up in a tree house out of this world, dreamt up by Elora, whose wedding I shot five years ago. All the Hardys are visual artists, everything here is a feast for the eye, an experience for the senses. As a photographer this is the easiest job you could imagine, yet I feel I want to capture more, go deeper. These people touch me, not just in the metaphorical sense, but the literal. As I was shooting their family talent show the other night I felt an arm around my waist and earlier John put his arms around my shoulders. "We've missed you, Jonas."


A sense so desperately underrated. It's humble, quiet, doesn't take as much space or get the attention the other senses get, but we need it. I need it. Today I will shoot Orin's and Maria's wedding. They touch me. And I want to capture that.

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  1. I think I have never ever been so blown away. Even the smell is coming thru the pictures. You are the king of photo,


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