{jon & zilla} ~ bethell’s beach ~ preview

March 4, 2010


Goodness- that last photograph is unbelievable.

Lovin the reflection shot at the bottom. So moody and so awesome. BTW how did you work that magic on the second one??? brilliant.

Wow…. these are so inspiring images. Good job and thanks for sharing, Awesome!

The relfection of the clouds in the damp sand… incredible.

Awesome work JP – love your heavy black and white processing, looks like it was shot on old film stock. Keep up the excellent work!

Jonas, you are so awesome!!!! I always love your work.

These are so gorgeous – I have to agree with a PP, amazing clouds do seem to follow you about!

I said it on Flickr. Man that really feels like a Silver Gelatin print. The last one would look sick behind glass

Like the mood, like the composition, love black and white, gorgeous!

love them all :) but that first shot is a prime example of why i fell in love with your work, even before you started shooting weddings…

You’ve certainly got the magic touch Mr. Peterson. Your processing is so…YOU (and that’s completely awesome BTW).

I need to see the rest of these. Those B&Ws are gorgeous.

Beautiful! Love that last one!

can’t wait to see the rest jonas. inspiring work- i love the deep grey tones.

The third one is really amazing!

awesome B&Ws! Can’t wait to see the rest…

Always wanted to go to New Zealand and this isn’t really helping to dampen that yearning. Stunning work.

You,ve set up the atmosphere beautifully….can’t wait to see more.

Beautiful work Jonas, I love how the second one feels like it were taken a hundred years ago.

Vilka fina bilder, skitsnygga! jag tror jag blev lite kär i den mittersta. Snygg vinkel. Härlig svartvit ton. Kanon!

Simply stunning, no other words!

That last one is stunning. Can’t wait to see more, Jonas!

As always – marvellous…. I love how you’ve set the scene with the first two… but the last one is sublime – the reflections and clouds are what make it for me!

Love the pictures! Great job!

Stunning B/W’s! That moment in the last picture is one that will live in the clients minds forever! Beautiful capture!

Completely stunning! LOVE it! I can’t wait so see more!

That last image is INSANE!

last picture = EPICNESS. thats not even a word, but if it was, that picture would be it.

That last show will win some awards. Yessir!

Wow. Please sir, can I have some more?

those clouds are awesome, hope they didn’t rain on you

Du är inte bara en fantastisk fotograf, du är en fantastisk fotograf med ett ärende! Alla dina bilder har en enorm impact och ingen bild är den andra lik! Amazing som man säger på engelska!

Very nice frames, the last one really talk.

Well, I pretty much love all of your work, but these black and whites are amazing. Especially the second one – it is very subtle and really makes me feel like I am in the mountains again. Awesome work.

you control the clouds don’t you? amazing clouds just follow you EVERYWHERE you go, huh?

NICE! Love the emotion in the last one.

Wow. So atmospheric. Amazing work, beautiful composition.

Love the conversion in the bottom pic.

i thought it was a little to quick to comment . then i thought. wow.
last one. amazing.