I don’t know, some experiences can’t be captured in words. Mere letters have nothing on these illusive and vibrant moments in time.

Can’t even touch them.

The colours are suddenly brighter and you are absorbed with the richness of being. Your ears are ringing with the sounds around you. You sit there, with five cameras and a long career as a writer in your backpack, and yet you know.

Yet you know.

That the taste of a cold Bintang, accompanied by the smell of incense and the colours of a Bali sunset can’t be captured in words or images.

Nor should it be.

It’s a rare bird, not yet burdened by the weight of descriptive words.

It’s the first cold sip of Bintang a very warm afternoon in Bali.

Maybe you know what I mean.

And nod.

Reliving the experience.

I just had.

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  1. I am reminded of last week, sitting in the sweltering heat and direct midday sun of Trinidad. Enjoying a cold Stag (a man’s beer) with my wife as we stared off into the waters of the Caribbean.

  2. I go weith you julian, almost good as a banana pancace (with bali-honey). with a cup of balicoffe enjoyed together with the view of a clean wave rolling in turquise water in front of you.. MMH i love bali!

  3. Great shot!
    I just had a flash back to Zanzibar and now have the taste of a mango passionfruit cocktail. Thanks man

  4. I know what you mean . though swap the bintang for a bali long island ice tea and we are good to go ;)


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