Australia’s largest wedding magazine, Australian Bride, features eight weddings in their new issue. Here are three of them.

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  1. gratulations!!!%20we%20love%20your%20pictures%20and%20you%20are%20a%20great%20inspiration.%20

  2. gratulations!!! we love your pictures and you are a great inspiration.
    many greats from vienna. keep making those great pics.

  3. det blir ju alltid så jävla härligt i tryck. får jag också lov att fråga vilken byrå du jobbade för i gbg?

  4. That is just absolutely fantastic, congratulations x a million! You ABSOLUTELY deserve it, now go have a cold beer and just pat yourself on the back, man. So deserve it.

  5. This is absolutely great Jonas! Because you’re worth it… I am so fascinated by your pictures and I show as many as possible your website. These pictures in the magazine will probably give you work for a lifetime!
    Best regards Maria

  6. Went shopping yesterday, saw a T-Shirt with a wicked logo across the chest that simply says “I’m Awesome” – instantly thought of you. Truely well deserved on the features!

  7. I saw this!!! Congrats Jonas, I am so excited you are doing my wedding!!!!!

  8. Congrats dude! It’s awesome to be feature on the net, but there is just something to see your images in Nationwide (international wide?) distro. Something every shooter dreams of…Just to awesome


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