Cap Rocat

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  1. hi jonas, very good work…I reckon with the volume of work you execute you seriously need an art editor that you are on the same wavelength with some of the post production is a little sloppy and its a shame cause you’re clearly in the zone with reading light.



  2. Hi Mr Petersen,
    I love your Picture. I love your Still, i love your photography language. its very different and it make Enjoj to Look every Picture. im sorry that im married last year! I would like to book you for my wedding.
    im also Photographer, my study is finish 1 mounth ago. i make also some wedding photography but, they are not different like yours;)
    i would like to also to assistent to you just for one day!
    i think i can learn a lot from you!

    perhabs see you
    By from Germany

  3. Was there really any need for that – dont come in here and be an…. JP – great work. What a place to throw a party.


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