November 8, 2011


Click! Ha! Everything is timed so perfectly!

Such a beautiful image. This is art.

Right place at right time as usual! :-)

This is one for the books. Bravo, Jonas!

whooaa, perfect timing! did you notice the guy on the right in the first place or not? nice dress too

oh mumma ! – that’ll win some sh1t !!!

Wow! Helt underbar! Klockren!
Du gör mycket som inspirerar!

Beautiful light. Love the person in the corner which you don’t see at first

i keep coming back to this image. it makes me want to take more pictures!

Det känns ju bara så löjligt och innehållslöst att skriva “wow”, gång på gång. Men det är det enda jag kan få fram, gång på gång. Du är så galet grym Jonas!!

Glorious and beautiful! I am a huge fan of the way you capture light. Everything that I see of yours has a sense of feeling and movement that is quite rare. Well done!

the tag should read gold.

This photo is stunning and mysterious, love the tone in it too.

Loved it the first time I saw it. Still love it now.

luv all the element!!! WONDERFUL

A gorgeous image Jonas, love the treatment and the composition, so much mystery and an image you could write a story about. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Ah, så fin! Faktiskt, dina bilder börjar mer och mer påminna om tavlor! Den där med ett par mellan två träd, kändes som det. och den här bilden ger också samma känsla. Kul

this is amazing. i went through a few phases as i discovered more in the image. first the bride of course. then the light. then the person with the camera! and that just made it all come together, i don’t think it’d have the same feel without that person. feels like you’re truly ‘there’ and it’s not just a magazine shot…which would be a clever one. great work!

A bit unlike your other images but a very nice one. I like the contrast with the person to the right

Wow är faktiskt det ända jag kan säga.

Moment , light , composicion … Simple Magic ¡

Wow! the light is fantastic..also surprising..

Absolutely magical! Rembrandt with a camera… ;)

Stunning. Just wonderful!

WOW! Love the dress.

This photograph is so very awesome – I love it! Beautiful!

oh my god, this is PERFECT.

Whoa! This pic is amazing. The lighting couldn’t be better!!

Congratulations amigo! Well deserved. Lovin’ this shot.

the lighting… oooh the lighting makes this resemble a renaissance piece.


i know you don’t call yourself a “fine art” photographer, but this NEEDS to be a mural somewhere.

you know how i feel about this one. the tag should read gold.

pretty darn incredible!

Wow. That is ridiculous. In a good way.

OMG SHUT UP. This is excellent. Excellent!

Absolutly ridiculously amazing image. Should have been gold

Magic moment. The composition is breathtaking. One of those that truly says at least a 1000 words.

The light is soo good in this shot!

Just…breathtaking. Truly.

I’m reminded of Rembrandt “Supper at Emmaus” Beautiful light great composition.

This is amazing. the light is falling on her so gracefully.