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  1. mate your work is gorgeous, i’ve said before. i am dazed by the amount of comments you get, i reckon you could take a photo of a toilet and get 50 comments!! :D

  2. wow – these photos are amazing. They’re so full of love and happiness, it makes my smile so much even looking at them. That wedding must have been magical!

  3. Beautiful tone across the whole image. Vey peaceful and calming feel to it, easy on the eye… but I bet she wishes she’d cut the lawn.

  4. Du har tagit många bilder som verkligen fastnat, men det här måste vara en av mina absoluta favoriter! Helt fantastisk, jag förstår att folk tackar dig för att du tar deras bilder!

  5. This is like a signature photo of yours. Just as I can recognize your tilt-shift work this too immediately say’s Jonas. The, how would you say… lightness of the image is a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing your work, it’s an inspiration.

  6. what a stunning image….the quality of light is outstanding and she’s framed perfectly between the trees…but honestly, I’ve just come to expect greatness from you these days…you’ve never disappointed either.

  7. Amazing light. Just like everyone else already said. I cant praise you enough Jonas. And as Tenielle said, where do you you get all theses beautiful women? :)

  8. A truly beautiful image with amazing light.

    IMO talking about the ISO is like talking about what brush a painter used. Just sit back and enjoy the art.

  9. Thanks. Nah, that shot is just super beautiful Jonas. Iso400 just adds that extra lightness as a whole I guess. Great work!

  10. I add grain to my images, so I don’t really worry about whether I’m on ISO 100 or 800. Or maybe you think it would have looked waaaay better at ISO 100?

  11. ISO400 was an artistic choice? The grain factor. The shutter was 1/2000 so youve could have gone with ISO100 easily.

  12. Unbelievably beautiful…. as beautiful as the previous… and the one before…. and that other one… and the one before that! Now tell me…..where do you get all these supermodels? ;)


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