{elopement} Charity & Phil ~ Amalfi Coast, Italy

December 12, 2013



I just want to say thanks

That second to last one really got me..

man these are mint, epic storytelling

Amazing. Absolutely amazing work.

Great work as always! I miss the old logo :)

Love it! The colour grading is amazing and works magic in this wonderful setting.

Beautiful work Jonas. Some stunning landscapes as well.

Beautiful work!!
Beautiful Italy village!!
Beautiful everything!!!

Fantastic work Jonas. Loved scrolling through these.


Thank you for doing what you love so we can appreciate it, Jonas!

I didn’ seen such a good collection for a long time ago, I just love watching your Photo it’s so pure…

What an incredible location – gorgeous captures!

Holy cow, Jonas. These are stunning!

Amalfi is one of my favorite places on this earth. Ravello has the most amazing views. I got to see a couple elope at that same Villa years ago. What a gorgeous place for a wedding. Love these photos, Jonas!

I wouldn’t elope without Jonas either ;-)

Fantastic scenery. Mediocre imagery.

wow! amazing…what gorgeous place to elope to…x

Make the awesomeness stop, my eyes hurt.

only they, only love, their joy and silence… just beautifully!

This is simply stunning Jonas… Glad you decided to blog some more…

Wow. Wow. Wow. What an honour – beautifully done.

Super snyggt! Gillar dina bilder stark.
Tu e Douli som man säger i finland:)
God jul!

That must have been a really hard decision!
As usual, stunning photography. It just feels
like I’m there watching from a distance!
You are so talented!!

Feel like I was there. Beautiful. Love the roses in the mouth, made me smile.

I bet you had to consider their proposal for all of less than a minute! Absolutely stellar place

If one could pass out due to the sheer beauty of photographs, I should be out right after the first photo. Salamat Jonas!

Ridiculously good! Beautiful job sir.

Get out of here. Bloody beautiful Jonas :)

I want to steal your soul.

Oh my this is gorgeous! I miss Italy!

Wow man…these were absolutely fantastic. One for the history books for sure!

So good dude! Love the one with the rays of light coming over the buildings.

These are gorgeous!! I need to make a trip soon!

Beautiful work and amazing locations, love this!

Truly amazing elopement, love it!

brilliant as always jonas – love this collection !

Aw the ole bowtie tutorial! Made me laugh.

Ummmmm indeed….. astoundingly great!

Wow! So amazing! Well done, Jonas, well done.

Just you and them. Nice Jonas.