Endless summer

Winter is officially here.

Yes, officially.

When the British colonised Australia they found the southern hemisphere, and the weather here, more than a little confusing, so they decided they needed set dates for all the seasons. Because of this, winter starts June 1 and ends August 31. No matter what season it feels like outside. Quite convenient. And very Brrrritish.

Living in Queensland, the actual winter is very short, and for a Swede not really winter at all, but it does mean that people aren’t really getting married much. Because of that Jacqui and I have relocated our little family to the northern hemisphere and Sweden for the last two summers/winters. I traveled for the entire time last year, shooting destination weddings in Bali and Spain, but also in San Diego, Colorado, Los Angeles and New York. I shot nine weddings in eight weeks and traveled two laps around the globe. It sounds cool and all, but it really was a logistic nightmare more than anything.

This year we’ll repeat the trip, but having learned from last year, I’m not flying around the world as much. I’m bringing Jac and the kids with me to Italy where I’m shooting a wedding at La Torracia di Sutri next Saturday (!). From there we all head to Venice for some R&R. I leave my family there and jump in a car to drive to Austria where I’m shooting at Burg Deutschlandsberg the weekend after.

After that I get my first weekend off since February. Yay.

I’m then shooting three weddings in Sweden before we all head back to Australia via Bali where I’m shooting another wedding the last weekend of July.

But the fun doesn’t end there.

I’m also doing a seminar in Sweden June 30 and a workshop in San Fransisco the second week of August.

I will write more about the seminar and the workshop tomorrow.

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  1. Oh, Sverige! Hoppas vi ses den 30:e! Ser fram emot att höra mer. Fantastiskt jobb som alltid!

  2. Det låter som ett klart mer spännande liv än det jag lever med elever som tar studenten om och om igen…. fast jag ser fram emot att mina barn kommer att leva ett mer varierat liv, sonen är på gång se: http://www.donka.se bilden på Shaun Tan är rätt fin. Den publicerades i Expressen.

  3. Hey Mate, Do you need an assistant in Austria, Burg Deutschlandsberg? Im a Sydney based wedding photographer but Ill be in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

    Let me know.

    p.s Im good at carrying things and I know your gear back to front.

  4. Hey Jonas, I don’t envy you, I just travelled to the UK for a wedding shoot and was only there for 5 days. The jetlag was awful. Love your work and I picked up a copy of ;American Photographer at Hong Kong Airport on the way home. Your spread is great. I am a user of prime lenses too but am finding it increasingly difficult to shoot this way…..

    Good luck with everything and congratualtions on such a fantastic year….( Love Sweden have friends in Gothenburg )…

  5. Your life is very surreal. And being heartbroken at the moment, your work is painful to watch. But I dream about having you as the photographer of a special day sometime. I hope you and your family have a great stay in Sweden for the summer.

  6. Ah, winter. I could use a touch o’ chill having just returned from kids’ swim team practice. Cool Riesling is working overtime. Speaking of, congrats on your streamlined schedule and weekend off! Can’t wait to hear about your workshop.


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