March 24, 2009



I just can´t stop seeing this beautifull clouds. lovely, It´s remind me of my childhood afternoons

definitely an outstanding landscape. that sky.

Wow, this is incredible!!!

You haven’t thought about making the images available in wallpaper size formats? I’ve seen several that I would like to use as desktop background.
I’m guessing you are worried about the pics being stolen and used elsewhere, but adding watermarks should prevent that.

thanks jonas! that is good to know. it really is a remarkable image.

Gosh! This picture is just so fantastic :D

Snyggt, den där hade man ju gärna haft som bakgrund på datorn… man kan inte få den i lite större storlek, typ 1680×1050??

Jonas, I met this young photographer in Västerås last week and looked at his photoblog today. And the style of some his photos remind me of yours, I reckon you’d like it.

@ayesha> No, not at all. It’s just a normal photo. All I’ve done is adjust the contrast a little bit. The light was fairly even, so it wasn’t too difficult to capture it like this.

just wondering… coz i’m not that familiar with the process, but is this HDR? the tones and light are amazing… as usual!

There’s like a face to the left, which gives me Harry Potter-vibes. Voldemort, brrr… Scary but awesome.

That’s just amazing! Stunning capture.

Awesome, looks like the big guy is angry though…

Där skulle jag vilja vara :) vilket skådespel. Vilka färger. Du tar fantastiska bilder.

A mammatus cloud, looks really cool! looks almost the same with the small difference that your photo has the cool sorroundings :)

Jag får den inte att spela upp musiken :(
Den bara står o buffrar, funkar int i firefox eller ie.
Kan du vara lite support?

Wow, simply awesome! Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before…

those are some gnarly clouds.

Wow, wouldnt wanna be there! :) but its beautiful!