Farewell, my love.

His clothes: http://www.roes.es/
Her dress: http://www.aureliagil.com/
Floral: http://www.elarriateflores.com/
Hair and makeup: http://sunao.es/

Jonas, I don’t think I could love these any more than I do. Have I said that before about your work? Maybe. These, though…

Why, Farewell my love?? Between the title the music and specially the photographs I want to burst in tears! So much beauty. Please tell me these two don’t have to say goodbye to each other for at least a 100 years. Xx

Beautiful imagery, love the emotion and the colour tones.

Jasmin - Seos Fotografi

Wonderful! Amazing location and moments.

Maciej Rafalski Fotografia

As allways: stunning!

Dude, this is epic. Awesome work!

So So beautiful

HI Jonas

these are great, love the tones, ! Pawel https://www.pawelbebenca.com

Just too beautiful and very emotional images. Love…

Amazing pictures. Love the color tones you used. Great work, love it.
Cheers Elfi

Great job. Really full of love and poetry.

Wow – Jonas – I love visiting your site from time to time and seeing how your work is constantly progressing and improving – a true industry leader.


Jay Rowden Photography

Hi Jonas – you are an incredible wedding photographer. These images are just flawless.

Jonas, These photos are incredibly deep and beautiful! Congratulations x

Fotograf slubny - Jacek Kawecki

Some beautiful moments in there, well done!