You make me gasp

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  1. I shall remain calm. Unless of course you appear to be carrying a knife, In which case I will appear alarmed.

  2. I love these words Jonas! Just last week I was talking to a friend about looking a bit longer and letting your eyes linger to see just this extra bit more in a moment. Very nicely put!!!
    ~ Saluti.

  3. WOW! That text made me gasp. I am in love right now and just the feeling when I receive a text from him… I think anyone with eyes can see it. From the way I am. The way it is.
    Thank you for this. So beautiful.

  4. Love it! Well written and so true of human observation. It amazes me how English is not your first language but you write like this. (I know you won copywriting awards in the past, but these off the cuff posts are more impressive to me!)

  5. I do this very same thing and am happy to know I’m not alone!! I obsessively people watch and want to know all of their stories… What makes them laugh, what makes them cry, who they love… And if watching them doesn’t give way to any secrets- I often find myself making up a story for them.


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