hair of the dog

Last weekend I went to “Hair Of The Dog” here in Brisbane. HOTD is get-together arranged by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers and since I just moved up here from Sydney I was keen to go.

The day was very interesting with seminars from photographers from around the world. It was also great to meet other photographers, people I knew through blogs and photographs, but hadn’t met yet.

Among others I hooked up with Todd Hunter-McGaw and his loverly wife, then Jackie Chan, James Day and Matt and Katie from Shadowplay. They are all über-talented photographers and if I lose both arms, my eyes and all my camera gear, I’m more than happy for you to pick them over me.

Just tell them the blind Swedish guy sent you.

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  1. Twas lovely to meet you Jonas – thanks for the kind words! We’ll have to go out for coffee sometime :).

    ps. if you need a second shooter for the bali gig i’ll ditch todd teehee.


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