Happy New Year

Ok, this will be the last post of the year for me. I’m working my ass off to get albums designed, weddings edited and discs sent out, but in a couple of hours I will shut my computer down and relax for the rest of New Years Eve. I think I have deserved it.

Here’s another shot from Tim and Kesh’s wedding the other day. Give me some nice light and a couple in love and suddenly my job is very easy. I will post the rest of their wedding very soon.

Happy New Year!

Gott Nytt År!


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  1. I am willing to have a dialog with you on hadoop in and out of the cloud context”, but it got me thinking. Is there a relationship, or not? Let’s look at typical cloud characteristics…

  2. woww, never thought centennial park could be as beautiful…i have to say your pictures are unique and outstanding…

  3. Hi Jonas, just checked out your blog and just wanted to wish you a real “Godt Nytt År”! Your photos are absolutely first class and a real inspiration to me.

    Ønsker deg alt godt.


  4. As usual a great photo. Amazing to see your pics, Jonas.:-)
    Also – a very happy new year to you and your family.

  5. Ett riktigt gott nytt år från Stockholm (men myyyycket snö på jul i år!).
    Tack för en fantastiskt fin blogg och otroliga bilder!

  6. gillar den här bloggen. fantastiska bilder och välskriven. men kan inte låta bli att sakna den andra bloggen. du vet. hoppas det är ok. gott nytt på dig din lilla spjuver!

  7. Hi dear, I am far away, in Brazil and walking on net could find this amazing pictures of you. Thanks for the pleasure this your beautiful work brought to my eyes. ah – and have a great year!

  8. This is great Jonas. I know comments can get lost in here sometimes, but when something speaks to me, I feel I have to let you know. This is awesome. Cheers

  9. I adore this shot! Looking forward to seeing what 2010 brings you my friend! Happy New Year!


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